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Dieppe 1941 group_edited
Dieppe 21 Platoon
last photo of Royals before Dieppe
Dieppe Roy Walker




Dieppe ~ Blue Beach ~ Every Man Remembered is a not-for-profit research project that will honour every soldier from The Royal Regiment of Canada who landed at Dieppe on August 19, 1942. The end goal of the project is to create a memorial book for the 75th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid (August 19, 2017). Please help us to complete this monumental task by connecting us with families of these men, with hopes of locating photos and stories to make sure every man is remembered. This project is supported by The Royal Regiment of Canada Association and The Royal Regiment Foundation.


Mark Cadeau

Mark’s interest in researching The Royal Regiment of Canada and Dieppe Raid, began as an interest and curiosity about his grandfather’s service, Pte. Harvey Seaton. Through his heavy involvement as a teenager in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, a great appreciation and respect for both military tradition and history were developed. His prime motivation and reason for being involved in this project is to pay tribute and create a lasting legacy to the many men who paid the ultimate price and also the men who were forever scarred from the events of August 19, 1942. Mark is a member of The Royal Regiment of Canada Association.


Jayne Poolton-Turvey

Jayne Poolton-Turvey is the very proud daughter of a Dieppe Veteran and Prisoner of War. She co-authored the best-selling book, “Destined To Survive: A Dieppe  Veteran’s Story”, with her father, Jack Poolton, (published in 1998 by Dundurn Press). For many years, Jayne and her father shared his story with presentations to hundreds of people, specifically students. During this time, she realized the importance of remembering Dieppe and the sacrifices made, which has inspired her to become involved in this project. Although her father died in 2005, she has continued to tell the Dieppe story, and has followed her father’s footsteps throughout Europe. Jayne has won various history awards, the most recent to acknowledge her passion for remembering Canada’s military history. Jayne is a life member of The Royal Regiment of Canada Association. 

Dieppe Blue Beach Project Background

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